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Round the Forth 2015

101 km Distanz
310 m Aufstieg
310 m Abstieg

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Route 76 tempts you to try a loop round the Forth in a day.  The full route actually runs from Berwick on Tweed to St Andrews, although the section from Kirkaldy to St Andrews is, to my knowledge, not yet a reality.

My take on the route ignored some of the rather dishearteningly tortuous sections on the south side (the north is side is much more sorted) and instead started at Peter's Yard (, ran out along the canal and some main-ish roads as far as Linlithgow and from Airth to Stirling.

There's a new section from Queensferry to (almost) Grangemouth, first part is smooth tarmac, later on the suface is much sketchier.


(cloned from route 1112380)