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Cala Millor - Artà - Sa Tudossa - Artà - Cala Bona - Cala Millor

53 km Distanz
540 m Aufstieg
540 m Abstieg

(2 Bewertungen)

Scenic Route from Cala Millor via Artà (church "Sant Salvador" on hill "Puig de Sant Salvador" with great view) into "Parc Natural de la Península de Llevant" and up onto "Campament dels Soldats" (ruins along the way) and "Puig de sa Tudossa" (top of mountain). Great little streets with nice views!

Ma-3333 is useable for road bikes from the parking lot of the parc natural until "Campament dels Soldats" with caution as concrete is in bad condition - this is the steep part. From "Campament dels Soldats" until the top of the mountain the street is in a worse shape and only usable for mountain bikes or by feet - this party is mostly horizontal. View beyond "Campament dels Soldats" is great and, hence, pushing your road bike by hand a few hundred meters is well worth it. 

As Ma-3333 from Artà to Sa Tudossa is a dead end, we return to Artà and, then, take another way back to Cala Millor via Cala Bona.

We rented road bike (carbon frame, Ultegra Di2) from Bici Sancho in Cala Millor (CALA MILLOR  -open all the year, -C/ Molins, 30, 07560 Cala Millor (Mallorca), phone. +34 971 813760, Bikes are good, service was slow (>1h waiting in store during off-season until we could cycle away) although we had reserved via web beforehand.


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