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Coimbra - Figueira da Foz part 1(till Ereira)

von Ana Taroveanu

So, we have followed this route on 26 October 2017. Until I learn how to split 2 or 3 routes in a single one I will do this in parts. 

So we wanted to go to the ocean by bike skipping large roads, following Mondego river. So we`ve started from Mata do Choupal. A straight way with birds, cegonhas e pescadores, a bellevue on the bridge over Montemor castle (we will go again to visit it). Initially we set to go along the river but the dogs have prevented us. So we have discovered the water:) routing right from the main road to Ereira. This route ends aproximately at the point we have seen that our path cannot be called so. So we saw another path that goes straight to the Mondego river. The second part of the rute explains what is next.