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Cycle The Transfăgărășan Bike Ride

518 km Distanz
4.030 m Aufstieg
3.810 m Abstieg

(2 Bewertungen)

Ride The Transfăgărășan Epic

Firmly scribed into the tablets of fabled mountain passes of the world, when Ceaușescu ordered the construction of a road to connect North Romania with the South he had no idea that what he was about to create was arguably the greatest mountain pass road in the world…and that’s not just us saying that either… (Jeremy Clarkson 2013) Completed in the mid-seventies after four years of construction, 6000 tons of dynamite and climbing to over 2000m in altitude, this was never going to be any ordinary road, but then the designers also threw in endless hairpins, breathtaking gradients and cambered curves to rival the best anywhere in the world. Reputedly a folly and strategically pointless, this mythical 90km of asphalt is now Romania’s best known tourist attraction after Count Vlad’s Castle – have we mentioned we go there too…don’t forget your garlic…


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