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Hoi An Bicycle Tour - 1 Day - from $35/pax

3 km Distanz
0 m Aufstieg
0 m Abstieg

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Dedicate an entire morning to discover the charm of Hoi An by bike.

In the morning, your ride of discovery includes the most notable monuments of Hoi An:

  • Fujian Assembly Hall which is dedicated to the Chinese protective goddess of fishermen and sailors;
  • Chuc Thanh Pagoda, the oldest pagoda of the town reputed to be built in 1454;
  • Tan Ky House, one of the oldest houses in Hoi An;
  • Japanese Bridge which was built in 1593 to link the town’s Chinese and Japanese quarters;
  • Textile workshop where silk worms are raised to produce fine silk;
  • Old alleys, wooden houses and a multitude of shops.

In the afternoon, resume your ride to discover the town’s countryside whose traditional villages are skilled in horticulture, fishing and craft. You can also talk with locals and explore their work and daily life. Drop by Cam Chau Village to observe the production of beloved Hoi An lanterns using traditional techniques.

At the end of the day, ride back to Hoi An where you could board a boat on Thu Bon River and enjoy a relaxing trip.

Overnight at hotel in Hoi An.


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