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Terrassa - Montserrat - Manresa - Mura - Terrassa. Road cycling Catalonia

97 km Distanz
4.203 m Aufstieg
4.205 m Abstieg

(1 Bewertung)

CPB (Costa / Paisatges Barcelona): Route 12

This is a long, advanced-level ride, taking in the incredible pilgrimage location of Montserrat, famous in Catalonia for its amazing geological shapes, and its monastery.  Every autumn, cyclists from all over Barcelona ride to the top on the same day for a cyclists’ blessing, from the Abbot of the Monastery. Before Montserrat the ride climbs straight out of Terrassa, then after Montserrat this route continues on to climb the Coll d’Estenalles, which is even longer and higher than the climb up to Montserrat.  This is a day of memorable views of the geology and heritage of the Montserrat and Sant Llorenç del Munt Natural Parks, with a large climb in each.

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