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Erectile Dysfunction Drug - Which Drug Will Work For You


Erectile dysfunction medication is a phrase which many of society instantly associates with Viagra. There are also two other effective drugs widely accessible: Cialis and Levitra. All work at a similar manner, but there are subtle differences that are significant to understand.


Viagra was approved in 1998 from the FDA for treating erectile dysfunction. This erectile dysfunction medication was used safely and with great results by countless men since its production. Cenforce Generic Viagra is best product of Viagra brand.

Viagra basically increases blood circulation to the penis. The reason it's so successful is there is a compound in the body that allows blood to flow from the penis, Viagra basically blocks this. The rise in blood retention and stiffer erections is exactly what this erectile dysfunction medication is often known for.

Over almost 90 percent of these using Viagra correctly report a better capacity to sustain erections. For many users the ramifications of Viagra take more than 30 minutes, and might last up to 4 hours. When you believe the typical sexual experience lasts 30 minutes, this really is much more than sufficient to meet most sexually active men and women. You can use Fildena 100Mg and Aurogra ED Pills to cure ED problem.


Cialis is very like Viagra, but doses change significantly. Generally considerably smaller doses of Cialis are demanded - 5mg to 20 milligrams are common.

Clinical studies demonstrate that this erectile dysfunction medication is effective for 78 percent of consumers.


Levitra is the name for its erectile dysfunction medication vardenafil. As is true for other erectile dysfunction medications, Levitra inhibits blood circulation from the penis. Clinical studies have demonstrated Levitra to be roughly 80 percent successful. The effects of Levitra normally put within 1 hour and may last up to 4 hours. Vardenafil Vilitra 20 Mg is effective ED treatment pills, so you can try it.

If you're trying to find a successful erectile dysfunction medication always seek the advice of your doctor or physician. It's crucial to note more medications you're taking that can interfere with the medication. Progress in erectile dysfunction medication medicine is always advancing, and functioning to aid men to conquer the status.

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