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down hill/ bashakill/up hill

von pfriedle

the route is nice because it starts and end in the village of Otisvilles parking lot.

the route starts at 800' and at the frist third of the trip it drops 400'

Then when you make your right onto Indian Orchard rd you are following the bashakill .

the bashakill is a marsh area with all kinds of wild life.

If you wish you can get off the road and follow the trail along the bashakill. this trial will take you all the way down to Haven Rd. Just make a left At the frist road you come to and your back on the route. WARNING This trail is vary rough and wet so if you dont have a Mt. bike stay on the road. I wouldn't even suggest a hybred for this trail it gets bad.

dont worry there many a places to stop and enjoy the bashakill.

When you reach 209 you will start to hit traffic but dont worry it has a large shoulder and still a rustic route.

Well you remeber 400' down hill at the begianing of this trip? Well now that you are at Rt 211 its time to go back up.

Ihave found this route fun fast and enjoyable with a steep hard core finish.