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Day 2: Voss - Nærøyfjorden - Sogndal - Balestrand.

155 km Distance
0 m Ascent
0 m Descent

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<div> Approx. total hill climb: 500 meters.</div> <div> Highest point: Oppheim 375 meters above sea level.</div> <div> Traffic: Moderate.</div> <div> Severity Rating: ***</div> <div> Fun Rating: ******</div> <div> The major part of this tour is the two and a half hour ferry trip on Nærøyfjorden between Gudvangen and Kaupanger. The scenery is fantastic along this tour Due to this ferry only sailing two or three times a day, you have to get the first ferry. A very early departure from Voss is therefore essential. The rest of the tour is stunning too, with the might of Sognefjorden between Sogndal and Balestrand. This is an easy day on the saddle before tomorrow's mountain climbing. Shops at Voss, Gudvangen, Kaupanger, Sogndal, Leikanger and Balestrand.</div> <div>  </div> <div> Take the road out of Voss to Gudvangen this early morning. The road is flat in the beginning and give you time to wake up. After reaching the crossroad between Vik and Gudvangen twenty kilometers after Voss, the road start to climb up along a river for some kilometres before it flattens out along a lake. From this lake, take the country lane to Stadheim Hotel to avoid a couple of nasty tunnels. The views are stunning. The road drops vertical down to the valley below. Be careful !! The rest of the road down to Gudvangen descend down the valley and to the fjord and the ferry. The two and a half long ferry tour takes you out the stunning Nærøyfjorden, which alone is worthy the trip to Norway. The ferry eventually reaches Sognefjorden where more stunning scenery awaits. The tour ends up in Kaupanger. The climb up from Kaupanger is quite hard, but short. The descent down to Sogndal offers even more stunning scenery. When you reach Sogndal, take the road to Balestrand and Leikanger. This flat road takes you along the stunning beautiful Sognefjorden, the longest fjord in Europe. After fifty kilometers of flat cycling, you are at Hella ferry quay. Take the ferry to Draksvik. At Draksvik, take the six kilometers short road to Balestrand. </div>

sourced from http://www.toroddfuglesteg.com/cyclingnorway5.html