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Day 3: Balestrand - Gaularfjellet - Førde

102 km Distance
0 m Ascent
0 m Descent

(0 ratings)
Approx. total hill climb: 1000 meters.
Highest point: Gaularfjellet 720 meters above sea level.
Traffic: Moderate.
Severity Rating: *****
Fun rating: ***
This day mainly consist of two serious mountains. Gaularfjellet at 720 meters above sea level and Haukedals fjellet at 543 meters above sea level. The latter one only have 250 meters real height difference, but it still offers some serious resistance. The rest of the road is OK, with no problems. This is a nice tour, which links Sognefjorden and Nordfjord. The best part of this tour is the spectacular climb up to Gaularfjellet. There are reliable shops at Balestrand and Førde. 
Take the road around the spectacular Esefjorden to Draksvik and Vetlefjorden. The road is flat with one small tunnel at the end. The dramatic and very steep zig-zag climb up to Gaularfjellet starts some kilometers after leaving Sognefjorden at Vetlefjorden. The gradient is mostly steep. There are some more climbs after the big and scenic car park at the top of the climb. But one kilometer after this car park, you are at the top of Gaularfjellet. A nice descent to Eldalsosen follows before the climb up to Haukedalsfjellet starts. The view are very good throughout this steep climb. The descent to Moskog is fast and furious. Follow the road to the left down to Førde town. 

sourced from http://www.toroddfuglesteg.com/cyclingnorway5.html