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The Fjord Cycling Route

218 km Distance
5,390 m Ascent
5,390 m Descent

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day 1 treno* oslo haugestal rallervagen 

day 2 handargenvidda - Bergen

day  3 4 5 fjord tour (bus 8:00 ritorno 20:00)

day 6  bergen - Finse in treno - handargenvidda (da Finse a Blåisen)

day 7 treno* Finse - Oslo (4h)

*Space for bicycles is booked at a manned station/Call Centre 815 00 888/(+47) 23 62 00 00


Descrizione Fjordtour

Experiemnce the best of Fjord Norway with Sognefjorden, The coast and the mountains in Stølsheimen.

200 km dn in 1 to 5 days dependent of your skills.

For racing an training it is perect for a weekend with one or two nights.

In Short: From Matre 500 meters up to Stodalen and the Mountain Lodge. Highest point at 700 masl before down to the Sognefjord. Then along this worlds longest fjord out to the coast. After Oppedal you go by E39 for some km. Through on tunnel let the cars from the ferry pass before you start. It is possible to Stayat Brekkestranda Fjorhotell.

Continue to the beautiful costline at Dingja and Eivinvik Fjordhotell. If you ay here you can take the oat in the morning to Mømna. Othervis you bike east along R570.

Coninue east, and the route pass Frøyseth Church and Frøyseyth Gardsmat where you can stay. Idylic cultural landscap. It is pssible to shortenthe trip by following the main road to Hosteland.

Continue in Masfjorden, pass Solheim and Hugsværfjorden. Shop and shower at Haugsvær.  Follow E39 for two km a take right jus before the tunnel down to Matre. An old road -  be careful!

Back in Mare you can shower at the Bjørn West Musem.  

Se for detailed descriptions, prizes etc.


(cloned from route 2703978)


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