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Hostal Villa Edilia

78 km Distance
193 m Ascent
148 m Descent

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Dear customers from my hostel can visit various places like International Diving Center Maria la Gorda, Guanacabibes Park, Playa Hubero Quemado, French beach, Punta Colorada beach, Camping Salto de los Portales, Port la Fe, Laguna Grande. In addition to nightclubs and culture house, banks, you change houses. Many options close to home. My hostel is recommended on trip advisor, offer comfort, convenience, hospitality and delicious creole dinner. Our purpose is to entertain his stay in Cuba, make nice, cozy and cheap, in a memorable word. If you visit Cuba and particularly Pinar del Río, you should really visit our home, has a modern style, has 7 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms. The front of the house is covered by mountain rock and is situated in the center of town near the general hospital. For customers have three separate bedrooms, air conditioning in each bathroom, hot water, a living room, a terrace with a DVD, a freezer, a TV and a CD player with a selection of Cuban music. We also offer laundry service, shaker, taxi, Internet, jacuzzi etc