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La strada a Roma

840 km Distance
5,550 m Ascent
5,620 m Descent

(5 ratings)

We did it! After a long period of preparation and Italian classes, we finally got on our tour from Milan to Rome. We didn't want it to be only a sporty trip. It must have been above all an extra ordinary cultural experience, which it has been indeed in the end.

When we arrived in Milan, we stayed there for 3 days. Basically we stayed 2-3 days in every famous Italian city we were passing through, that means Milan, Parma, Bologna, Fizenre, Perugia, L'alquila and of course Rome. Here, we stayed even 5 days because we wanted to see the sea. 

We tried different options: couchsurfing in Florence, airbnb in Bologna, Milan and Perugia, bed and breakfast in L'Alquila and we rent a cheap hotel room in Rome. The best experience we had indeed when couchsurfing and in our airbnb, because we were pretty lucky with the people who hosted us. They were very friendly and eager to make us discover Italian culture at the fullest. And believe me, there is no better Italian kitchen than homemade dishes! The best culinary experience we had in Bologna, where our hosts invited us to a real Italian birthday party. Excellent!

Our bikes weren't adequat enough for such a long journey, but that wasn't really bothering us, because we got help whenever we needed some. In the beginning people in the smaller cities and villages are a little bit shy and sceptic, but when you show them that you try to express yourself in their language, they are very friendly and eager to helf wherever they can!




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