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Munich -- Rome, August 2017

1308 km Distance
5,090 m Ascent
5,630 m Descent

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That's the plan.

From Munich to Bad Tolz and Lenggries - good gravel or ground roads. Mostly flat. Lenggries to Achenkirch part is hilly. Especially around three bays (Isar, Durrach, Walchen). That hook to the south and back to the north-east was hell of a time. Avoid. Next, Martina to Nauders uphill is pretty hard. Plan whole day for that. After, follow a cycling path to Lago di Garda. I was told there are no cycling path by the coast and there are a lot of tunnels. My planned route is safe. There are many apple fields from Nauders to Trento, buy Apple juice there. It's awesome. Lago di Garda to Bologna has pretty boring views but awesome cities (Verona, Mantova, Modena, Bologna). Some gravel roads were really bad. I'd suggest to cycle following bike signs, not my route. Next, another hilly part. Sudden end of the road (pic 23) had happened somewhere there in between Sasso Marconi and Suviana. Gravel roads are tough. I cycled on a regular road with cars. After that my route is fine, not a lot of good views tho. There are few camping grounds around Lago di Suviana, stay for a night and plan a whole day for the next part to Florence. Pistoia, Prato, Firenze - awesome cities. Florence is mind blowing. Road to Arezzo is fine, the city is amazing. From Arezzo to the south goes flat gravel road with few shadows on a whole way. It was +34C (93F), damn hot. Around 55 km (34 mi) and absolutely no people on the road, I was alone all day. Closer to Lago di Chiusi the road goes worse and worse. Go to Castiglione del Lago instead. I didn't go to Perugia and Assisi, cycled south to Orvieto and Baschi, then continued my route. That part is hilly and pretty hard. After Nepi I cycled to Lago di Bracciano to camp and returned to the route on the next day. Final part was fine, only a lot of cars near Rome.

I'd like to point that I see hard days and bad roads more as a challenge and part of an adventure. I tried to describe my route accurately but there are still some tough parts, especially south from Florence. I think I add some good places on my way later.


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