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HBH Rolling Stones

54 km Distance
530 m Ascent
530 m Descent

(2 ratings)

We depart from Navarino Outdoors in Costa Navarino and start get on the new road following a smooth 3-4% for the next 5 km. Then we start our main uphill to Gargalianoi which is a typical country town on top of the hill. You should maintain a Tempo pace throughout the climbing. Get some rest during the next 5km moderate flat to the village of Valta and enjoy the magnificent view of the Ionian Sea until Filiatra known as the small Paris due to the replica of the Eiffel tower located at the north entrance of the town. We turn back and roll downhill for recovery for the next 4km. Then we keep an endurance pace until the fishing village of Marathopoli enjoying the view of the coastal road overlooking Proti Island. Now it’s time for the main VO2Max workout. For the next 9km we ride as a group drafting and try to keep to the sweet spot of our VO2Max limits as long as possible. The next smooth ascend is a recovery session followed by the last steep descend returning back to Navarino Outdoors base in Costa Navarino.


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