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Vila Franca-Lagoa do Fogo

10 km Distance
780 m Ascent
210 m Descent

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-> Mattino/Alba 

<- Entro le 15.00 (transfer per Furnas alle 16:30)

This trail starts on a beaten earth track, in a zone of pastures. Walk until you reach a water tank. Then turn to the right and start ascending trough a wood of Eucalyptus, Australian Cheesewood (Pittosporum undulatum), Accacias (Acacia sp.) and Kahila Garland lilies (Hedychium gardneranum). A bit further you will also find a few species of “Espadana”, a plant from New Zealand, which was woven and spun in an ancient factory whose ruins you can still visit.

Follow the signs until you reach the beginning of a “levada” (water channel), along which the trail runs. Be careful because the trail might be muddy. Along the “levada” you will find many species of endemic plants like: “Uva-da-Serra” (Vaccinium cylindraceum), Green Heather (Erica azorica), Laurustinus (Viburnum tinus), “Tamujo” (Myrsine retusa), etc.

During the ascent there are several places from where you can enjoy a magnificent view towards the Southern coast of S. Miguel, namely a view of Vila Franca do Campo, its islet and Ribeira da Praia.

After walking for about 2 kms along the “levada” you will reach a more opened area, with big slopes on both sides and after walking a bit further you will reach the bank of Lagoa do Fogo. In this area it is necessary to be careful with the seagulls, as they might be very aggressive, especially during the nesting period (April to May).

The return is made on the same trail. Almost the totality of the trail is included in a zone classified as Natural Reserve. It is of our responsibility to insure its biodiversity through the conservation of this natural habitat.


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