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IRONMAN SLOVENIJA 70.3 (unofficially)

91 km Distance
1,150 m Ascent
1,150 m Descent

(5 ratings)


The cycling challenge will start at Ukmar Square and take the cyclists not only over different landscapes but also through different countries! After leaving the transition zone, the triathletes will cycle through the old town of Koper, past the Port of Koper to Ankaran. In Milji (Muggia) the athletes will actually cross the state border between Slovenia and Italy and for a while cycle along the Italian coast. With returning back to Slovenia they will ascend to Osp, one of the oldest Slovenian villages with beautiful stone houses and picturesque narrow streets. In the hinterland of Slovenian Istria two more ascents will follow, on Sv. Anton and Šmarje, another scenic village. The route will end with an attractive descent to Izola, where the athletes will face an amazing view over two charming Slovenian tourist destinations – Koper and Izola. The length of the whole route is 90 km. Wide roads and not too demanding ascends and descends, together with beautiful surroundings, make this a real treat among the day’s challenges.

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