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Hue Cycling Tours

13 km Distance
50 m Ascent
40 m Descent

(1 rating)

Hue City has plenty of places where you could ride a bike. The ride is extremely enjoyable because most of its streets are so beautiful and peaceful with shadow trees at both sides. Biking tours to landscapes or ancient villages in Hue City are more and more popular for tourists to Hue City. The landscapes are only far from Hue City centre around from 7 to 13 km so it is attractive and convenient for riding a bike. You can ride a bike to Thuan an beach, an ideal beach for swimming and sunbathing, to Tam Giang lagoon for making fishing and experience local life , to the Citadel, tombs, pagodas for exploring majesty architecture of King dynasty , to ancient  Nguyet Bieu village  for looking at paddy fields, old houses, fruit gardens, local crafts. There are many bike tours organized up mountain or down countryside that are suitable for young people who are eager to explore and experience rural file with local people.

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