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Loop around Bradford

by Louisa Parry

version 1.1


Almost all on roads. Tried to use lanes and quieter roads through estates where possible but inevitably includes a lot of major routes too.

(The canal can be used for a quieter [and flatter] route between Bingley & Shipley, or even through to Apperley Bridge to rejoin the route at Greengates.)


There is about 100m of rough woodland at Fagley - some steps then a rough path. This can be avoided by going up Harrogate Rd some or all the way, then Leeds Rd->Gain Lane; or going via Calverley & Woodhall hill but technically that's Leeds! ;)

There is also a slightly rough section leading down to the ford over Harden Beck at Bingley. The ford is probably too deep for a bike but there is a footbridge - accessed via two narrow squeeze stiles. If you can't lift your bike over, stay on the main road into Bingley then out again on Bradford Rd.

It's planned clockwise but anti-clockwise offers shorter climbs

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