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The latest route on the weekend

2 km Distance
60 m Ascent
80 m Descent

(1 rating)

I love to ride a bike, because it is the fastest and most accessible means of transport in other countries. Because of my profession, I have to travel a lot. In each new country, renting a car can take a very long time, so I always try to rent a bike if there is such an opportunity. In addition to the love of the bike, I have a real love for trading in the forex market. I have been engaged in such trade for more than 5 years and I managed to achieve very good results. I also write various reviews on brokers, for example, here is one of them - where I analyze the broker in detail. The purpose of such reviews is to determine whether the broker is reliable or scammer. Sometimes it is enough just to get acquainted with the information about the broker to draw conclusions. The place of registration, availability of a trade license, user feedback all help determine the type of broker.


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