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Thursday Group 1: 70.3 IRONMAN Route

89 km Distance
840 m Ascent
840 m Descent

(1 rating)

Mallorca’s Ironman 70.3 bike course, anti-clockwise loop, starts and ends at the event’s home Alcudia. The first 15km are flat as the route heads north to Puerto Pollensa before turning west towards the town of Pollensa.

The next 20km section (from Pollensa to Lluc) on the Ma-10, the main road through Serra de Tramuntana, is the hardest part of the Ironman 70.3 bike course with an average gradient of about 3%. It starts with the main climb, the category 2 Coll de Femenia, followed by a quick descent and more climbing on the undulating road. The last section is the 1.5km Lluc Monestary ascent, which has an average gradient of around 5%.

At around the 36km mark starts the descent from Coll de sa Batalla towards Caimari. To avoid any confusion, the actual Coll de sa Batalla climb is not part of the Ironman 70.3 Mallorca bike course. The descent itself is quite technical with a number of beautiful, but sometimes dangerous hairpin turns, which are best taken with care.

After Caimari, the route heads east towards Moscari and Campanet, than south towards PM-350 and Muro before heading back north towards Alcudia.


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