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Day 2 16 May Alberobello - M. Franca - Agriturismo Torrevecchia - short 74km

74 km Distance
280 m Ascent
590 m Descent

(2 ratings)

Ден 2 (16 май, четвъртък) – Alberobello – (SP58) - Martina Franca – (SP581) - Ceglie Messapica – (SP26) – Francavilla Fontana – (SP56) – Oria – (SP58, SP60, unnamed, SP61) – Erchie – (SP66, unnamed, tunnel under SS7ter) - Agriturismo Torrevecchia Locorotondo (Локорото̀ндо) – “Pugglia’s prettiest little town” (  Martina Franca (Мартѝна Фра̀нка) – „particularly conserved old town surrounded by stone walls“  The Basilica di San Martino -  symbol of the Rococo style Baroque buildings -  Palazzo Panelli, Blasi, Motolese Ceglie Messapica (Чѐлие Меса̀пика) – “one of the oldest towns in Puglia” (  Chiesa di San Rocco Francavilla Fontana (Франкавѝла Фонта̀на) the massive square Castle (Palazzo Imperiali)  Mother Church (1743)  Torre dell'Orologio ( 1750) Oria (Ория) ( ) Castle Porta degli Ebrei Oria Cathedral: Basilica (1750)  San Domenico church (1572) Bishop's Palace (16th century) Erchie  


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