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19 km Distance
30 m Ascent
30 m Descent

(1 rating)

We will ride together as part of JANE's WALK MKE on Saturday, May 18, 2019. We will begin our ride at 10 AM from the parking lot immediately EAST of Firehouse Subs off Green Bay Road in Brown Deer, WI. We will ride on Frontage Roads, Village Streets, and both the Interurban and the Oak Leaf Bike Trails located within the Village of Brown Deer, WI. Our route will take us to and past the three Village Parks; past several shopping areas, including the Village Marketplace and the Original Village; several residential areas, including residential subdivisions, apartment complexes, and condos; the Brown Deer Public Library; several schools and places of worship; Brown Deer Park; and the home of village residents who invited us to visit them and view their large outdoor whimsical sculpture garden.  We will make several stops along the way. 1) Brown Deer Library to view the Student Art Work which will be on disply through the month of May; 2)  Brown Deer Original Village: --  a)  lunch or snack at Kurt Schultz Deli, followed by an opportunity to view the historical artifacts on display at the Deli. Brian Kennedy, owner of the Deli, will be available to describe his collection. --  b)  We will then cross the street to visit Larry's Market to see their variety of gift boxes and learn about their array of artisan cheese from Wisconsin and throughout the world; --  c)  Brief tour of the Original Tour. 3)  Sculpture Garden: we will ride on the Bike Path from Original Village to Brown Deer Park, ride around the lagoon before heading north to Park entrance, and across the street to the whimsical Sculpture Garden. 4)  From the Sculpture Garden, we will return to Bike Path and ride north to side path with link to Village Marketplace and back to where we began.


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