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Tiuccia - round trip trough the back country

by Florian Kraus

Tour starts at the Camping U Sommalu.

First along Liamone River on good sand road, then on road to Ambiegna, Sari-d'Orcino, Cannelle, Sant'Andrea-d'Orcino, Calcatoggio. Uphill along the D81 to San Bastiano, Go right first steep short uphill then very steep (-40%) washed out sand way down to D81. In Masorchia first right, then in a right curve straight. Uphill first tarmac then sand road. (Now is my way a bit different to the track shown here, but my garmin had an empty battery and so the last half an hour I have no tracking and had to draw the way). At a fork left. First good sand road, then getting smaller, keep right along a small path on the crest (good to ride S2-Level). At a next fork right (very small path) back to the road on the other side of the hill and back to the campside.

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