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Tour: Bormio - passo Umbrail - Prato allo Stelvio - Stelvio - Bormio

100 km Distance
3,200 m Ascent
3,200 m Descent

(2 ratings)

An emblem of the cycling world the CIMA COPPI can be reached from three different sides. This spectacular tour allows you to discover the all the three sides of Pass.

The Stelvio Pass or Stilfserjoch, how it is called in German, is one of

Italy's roofs with its 2758 m. At the same time, it is one of the highest Alpine Passes of Europe.

Not every knows that the Stelvio is a ski resort during the summer months. The glacier is open for skiers from May to November.

You will depart from Bormio 1215mt, reach the umbrail Pass and cross the Swiss border. The road is well kept, but for a few km the road is
unpaved. You will enter Italy again in Tubre. The flat road will

conduct you to Prato allo Stelvio and then Gomagoi, where starts the South Tyrol, and hardest side of the Stelvio. The original road was built in 1820-1825 by the Austrian Empire to connect the former Austrian province of Lombardia with the rest of Austria, covering a climb of 1871m on the Alto Adige side. Since then, the route has changed very little.

The scenery is really spectacular: the braulio vally with its formidabile waterfalls, the sourronding mountains & the stelvio glacier … but you have to be well trained to enjoy the panorama!


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