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Bormio - Passo dello Stelvio (Stilfser Joch)

22 km Distance
1,560 m Ascent
0 m Descent

(4 ratings)

The Stelvio Pass or Stilfserjoch, is one of the highest Alpine Passes of Europe. The original road was built in 1820-1825 by the Austrian

Empire. Since then, the route has changed very little.

After the traffic light in Bormio's centre you arrive soon at the first

switchback on the way to the Stelvio. Further on a few more turns

follow, one of them being the junction to Valdidentro and Livigno.

You carry on into the direction of the "Bagni Vecchi",
the old thermal baths, and after leaving them behind,
you will reach another passage with a bunch of switchbacks.

These are followed by a section with not too many curves, but some dark tunnels* to cross, and soon after those you find yourself in front of the steepest part of the Stelvio road, to conquer by

numerous switchbacks.

In this stretch the maximum gradient will be reached,
and you can admire the Braulio-Waterfalls.
After having passed this uphill, you get to the Plateau

"Pian de Grembo", where the road gets low running and leads through alpine meadows. At the end of this flat part, the last steep uphill to reach the Stelvio begins. And from here the top of the pass comes even in sight. Passing by the junction into the direction of the Umbrail Pass and Santa Maria, only a few kilometres and about 250 metres in altitude are left to reach the CIMA COPPI.

The last couple of km are the toughest so keep some energy in

reserve! The road surface on this side is usually kept in good conditions. Have fun during you descent!


The pass is open only from the end of May till end of October



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