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Tumut Little River Loop Bike Trail (Perfect for E-bike)

27 km Distance
173 m Ascent
173 m Descent

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Tumut Little River Loop Bike Trail   ( Perfect For Electric Bike) 27 km distance travelled by E-bike  


 Let's start with the most obvious reason a person might choose an electric bike: on  this distance.

Indeed, although a classic bike can often be suitable for journeys of less than 3 km, or even 5 for the bravest, we must admit that beyond that, we can quickly be tempted to orient ourselves towards the car. or public transport.


Does your route to work look like this? Maybe opt for the electric bike ...

To illustrate this more clearly, let's take a few numbers.

At 15 kph/ h, 27 km  trip takes 1 hours, 48 minutes, Here, we assume that the average speed of a conventional bike (not a racing bike, therefore) and an average cyclist is about 15 km / h. And again, that is on the dish. 

Now let's move on to the average speed you can expect on an electric bike. This is about 22 km / h.  At this speed, 27 km takes only 1 hours, 13 minutes, and  obviously, the more the distance increases, the greater the difference in duration. It is therefore understandable that people with a trip of 7 or 10 kilometres are likely to prefer to make no effort and save time rather than pedalling for 30 or 40 minutes. And this, at least twice a day can offer great health benefits. 


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This route is based on Tumut Little River Loop