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Brockville West 5 - Caintown Cruise Loop (48 km)

48 km Distance
148 m Ascent
147 m Descent

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A loop starting and ending in downtown Brockville at the parking lot on Water St. Downtown Brockville offers full services and many attractions.

The route is a loop, starting out west along Cty Rd 2, and then Lyn Rd to Lyn. There is a general store in Lyn.  In Lyn, head north on Cty Rd 46 to the intersection of Howe Rd at Seeley.  Turn left and then right onto Seeley Rd which becomes Cronk Woods Rd and then Caintown Rd, finally T-ing out onto Cty Rd 5.

Turn left onto Cty Rd 5 and follow it south to Cty Rd 2, where you turn left and follow Cty Rd 2 back to Brockville.

This loop is one of several that build successively to explore country roads west of Brockville.

For more information see www.explorethearch.ca