Cycling in Germany

Cycling in  Germany

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Germany by bike

Discover the land of castles, forests and beer

Germany is famous for its vibrant cities and spectacular landcapes. Cycle routes along major waterways such as the Rhine or the Danube take you past historical landmarks and breathtaking scenery. While the northern coast has a distinct maritime flair, the southern region features largely unspoilt scenery of hills and forests. The temperate climate, efficient infrastructure and an abundance of castles on the way make Germany the all-round perfect destination for your biking adventure.

All routes in Germany

Discover Germany's breathtaking scenery

Germany is beautiful and practical, like a bike

The southernmost regions of Germany,  Bavaria and Baden-Wuerttemberg, are full of stunning landscapes, nature reserves, dreamy castles and historical towns. But how to see it all? If you ask us, Germany is best explored by bicycle! 

The famous  Rhine, Isar and  Danube rivers all have official long-distance bicycle routes following their paths from mountain spring through low country to sea. Other amazing cycle routes take you into the gentle hills of the nearby Vosges or the foothills of the bordering Alps.

The various regions of southern Germany are always worth a visit: see the Oktoberfest in  Munich, the Cathedral of Cologne or the home of fairy tales, the Black Forest.




North Rhine-Westphalia



Cycling along the Rhein

The Rhine Cycle Path

Explore Germany along its stunning river

The Rhine Cycle Path, also known as EuroVelo 15, is one of the premium cycle routes in Europe, and rightfully so. Its 1230 km (764 miles) cut a stunning path from the Swiss mountain resort of Andermatt through Germany, France and the Netherlands to the North Sea. 

Along the route, you’ll see Lake Constance, Basel, Strasbourg, Cologne, Utrecht and Rotterdam. Those are all the arguments you’ll ever need to convince any bike lover to cycle this route with you!

Explore full route:

Explore Germany's vibrant cities

Germany's thrilling capital and more

Berlin is a young, dynamic city which never seems to sleep. Anyone out and about in its many different neighbourhoods in the early hours of the morning will notice that there's always someone still up working hard – or playing hard. In recent years, young people from all over Europe have made the German capital their home. Berlin also attracts many visitors. There is plenty to see: Bellevue Palace, Brandenburg Gate, Alexanderplatz or the remnants of the Berlin Wall.

International flair is also found in Hamburg – with its proximity to the sea, it boasts the largest port in Germany. A 100 km (62 miles) long route following the Elbe River will take you from the hanseatic town to the North Sea coast.

With its Bavarian spirit, museums, parks and many bike paths, Munich is also a popular destination for cyclists.



Land Berlin (Germany)


Bavaria (Germany)


Hamburg (Germany)

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Vienna (Austria)




Catalonia (Spain)
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