Gawler Wheelers-ROUTE07C-Gawler-Kersbrook-Forreston-Kersbrook-Gawler-EXTREME HILLS

Gawler Wheelers-ROUTE07C-Gawler-Kersbrook-Forreston-Kersbrook-Gawler-EXTREME HILLS

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64 km Distance
970m Ascent
970m Descent

Gawler Park Homemaker Centre
(located here with info here)
485 Main North Rd
Evanston, SA, 5116

Distance : Approx 65 km

Duration : 3 to 4 hours

Elevation Gain : Approx 1272 m (Garmin Connect)

Elevation Profile : Extreme Hills

Surface : Bitumen

Suitability : Hill climbers

Ride Style : Social ride (not training ride)

Pace (ave) : 25 to 30 km/h

Ride Details
An extreme hill climber's ride starting in Gawler and finishing in Gawler.

After leaving Gawler, the climbing starts almost immediately with the steady rise of Sunnyside Drive followed by Alexander Ave with its multiple steep gradients. From the top of Alexander Ave, the Gawler-One Tree Hill Rd provides a few fast/slow undulations before the downhill run to the Humbug Scrub cross roads.

The long steady climb of the One Tree Hill-Kersbrook Rd takes the rider up and over the 500m peak above Mt Crawford Forest followed by the fast descent into Kersbrook. The ride continues on towards Williamstown via South Para Rd for a short distance before the climbing starts again at Hill Rd, eventually reaching Forreston Rd. Exiting Forreston via the infamous Checker Hill Rd provides another climb before the downhill run to South Para Rd and Kersbrook.

The return ride to Gawler starts in Kersbrook with more climbing to overcome the peak above Mt Crawford, for the second time, followed by the long fast descent to the familiar Humbug Scrub cross roads. Only one section of climbing remains until Kentish Rd is reached and the start of the final downhill run into Gawler which completes the ride.

Additional Ride Details

  • This route is one of the regular Gawler Wheelers Saturday morning Group Rides.
  • See 'Gawler Wheelers Contact Info' below for more details.

Gawler Wheelers Contact Info

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