Porto Trip...1st of September,2007.

  Uploaded 5 years ago

122 km Distance
1,130m Ascent
1,160m Descent

It was to see the Redbull Air Race.. I took 7 hours(116 km) I just stop 2 times.. all I need was in the front basket: water, food.. I stopped at first to ask the way if I have lost myself and to have a rest for 10 mins. For second time I have stopped to hitchike. Because I was late for 1 hour, and I was so close to Vila Nova de Gaia, I even could see the planes in the air. So I thought that it is the best to HH, so I could still see the Air Race.. It was crazy, because I was HH with a bike.. I hide the bike, behind a tree :)) yes I did it! And I was just trying to stop a van or so.. I did, a Gpsian van, of course, stopped and they always have anough place for bike :)) they took me for about 10 km. And then I cycled again and I caught the race.. But I couldnt stay in Porto that night, so I came back by train.. It was one of the unforgatable trip for me..

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