December 31/January 1 March

  Uploaded 4 years ago

9 km Distance
120m Ascent
120m Descent

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BEGIN at Zuccotti Park

NORTH on Church

EAST on Maiden Lane

NORTH on Broadway (police blockade further north)

WEST on Vesey

SOUTH on Church

END at Zuccotti


BEGIN at Zuccotti Park

NORTH on Broadway

EAST on Maiden Lane

NORTH on Nassau

WEST on Spruce (police blockade)

EAST on Spruce

SOUTH on Nassau

WEST on Beekman

NORTH on Park Row

NORTH on Centre (police blockade at Reade St)

WEST on Reade St

NORTH on Broadway

WEST on Spring

NORTH on Mercer (arrests)

WEST on Prince (arrest)

NORTH on Wooster

WEST on West Houston

NORTH on 6th Ave

WEST on Bleecker arrest at carmine st, arrest at leroy st

NORTH on 7th Ave

EAST on w 14th St

SOUTH on 6th Ave

EAST on w 13th St (police kettle at 5th ave)

WEST on w 13th St

SOUTH on 6th Ave

EAST on w 9th St (arrest of drummer at university pl)

??? missing footage

NORTH on 1st Ave (police blockade)

WEST on e 10th St.

NORTH on 2nd Ave

END at e 13th St (police kettle, arrests)


another camera angle, taru footage, begin west on prince st, and ends with footage from E 9th St northbound to kettle point.

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