Scarborough's AMXtrail

  Uploaded 4 years ago

12 km Distance
20m Ascent
20m Descent

A new commute option for the Agincourt and L'Amoreaux neighbourhoods of Scarborough

Safe walking and cycling on 12 km of linked trails for

  • Shopping: there are 9 malls reachable via the trail

  • Getting the youngsters to their schools– the trail serves 22 schools

  • Pleasure and fitness – use it to reach more than 10 sports facilities near the trail - or “just go for a ride!”

Uses an advantageous route

  • upgrades some existing trails and adds connections

  • takes advantage of the generous width of Huntingwood Dr for a bike trail

  • exploits the recently created East-West hydro trail in the north

  • it offers much of its travel through natural areas like through parks, along water courses and away from the major arterials

The Trail exists today and can be cycled. But we need your support to get it up to standards. Contact Erhard Kraus via facebook to add your support!

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