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St Ninian's Way - Mochrum to Glenluce

by mmmmm

This 14th section of St Ninian's Way starts in Mochrum, heading west 5 km to arrive at Elrig, then goes north 10 km and turns left onto track which goes south of Elrig Loch. Travel another 3 km to arrive at road B7005. Turn left and, after a short distance, arrive in the small village of Cuishabbin. Then go north 6 km past the Old Place of Mochrum, and turn left onto track which travels 8 km along woodland, over White Cairn and down south of Whitefield Loch to fork in track. Take left fork 200m to A747. Cross over and proceed 1km to crossroads in Milton, then turn right towards Glenluce for 4 km. Cross over A75 and proceed 200m to centre crossroads of Glenluce.

This is a long section with no pubs, shops or places to stay along the way between Mochrum and Glenluce.

A dramatically diverse and hilly section through farm and moorland with views to the south over Luce Bay.

Also part of the Whithorn Way - . courtesy of the WWSG where a detailed route description with grid references is available.

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St Ninian’s Way is one of the great pilgrim routes in Scotland to St Andrews - The Way of St Andrews - For other routes see

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