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St Ninian's Way - New Luce to Barrhill

by mmmmm

New Luce to Barrhill

This 16th section of St Ninian’s  Way starts from New Luce with the Waters of Luce to the West.  Head up on minor road into the hills north and slightly east to arrive at the Cross Waters of Luce (4 km). Keep heading North, with the Cross Waters to your east, to Dirniemow Bridge (3 km). Cross bridge and, with the Waters to your west, progress to Mittonise (3 km), then North and into forest (5 km) and through forest for 3 km.  Then continue North to arrive at railway line (1 km), cross bridge and proceed  to Barrhill (3 km).

All on very quiet track/road and with a steady ascent for 13 km and then downhill for 9 km to Barrhill.

For a map overview of St Ninian’s Way please go to,-4.6745/terrain

St Ninian’s Way is one of the great pilgrim routes in Scotland to St Andrews - The Way of St Andrews-For other routes see

Also part of the Whithorn Way -

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