LEJOG Day 4 - Yatton to Kilpeck

  Uploaded 6 years ago

103 km Distance
930m Ascent
830m Descent

LEJOG Day 4 (15 day route) - Yatton to Kilpeck

We tried to pick a route that wasn't too busy but not to far out of our way. The first bit to Bristol is a mix of lanes and bigger roads with the route over the M5 Avonmouth Bridge (a cycleway exists in case you're wondering) thrown in too boot. Avonmouth Ind Estate is not the most scenic but after that and over the older of the 2 Severn Bridges things begin to quieten down as you make your way North.

In Kilpeck the village pub (The Kilpeck Inn) has just been renovated and has opened as I write following a 2 year refurbishment (May 2010). The beer is good and so is the atmosphere and food, a huge improvement over what was there before.  It will do B&B with 3 rooms although this is still undergoing refurbishment and not due to open until later in the year.


Day 5 route - http://www.bikemap.net/route/380904

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