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The Austria Giro 2017

The Austria Giro 2017

Through Austria in 8 days

#austriagiro17 - A Cycling Adventure

Bikemap user Cristian Gemmato from the prize-winning bike blog Die Kette rechts is organizing a spectacular eight-stage bike event

Austria – country of Alps and Danube, forests, fields and meadows. And above all, land of mountain pass roads. Austria is diverse. Austria is mountainous. Perfect conditions to cross the country on the road bike.

From west to east, from north to south. Nine provinces and the highest mountain roads accessible for bikes. Famous names such as Bielerhöhe, Timmelsjoch, Jaufenpass, Sölkpass or Großglockner Hochalpenstraße, and less well-known challenges like Koblbergpass, Pfaffensattel, Feistritzsattel or Geschriebenstein await from August 12 to August 19, 2017.

From Bregenz  to Vienna – downstream in 8 days. That is the  Austria Giro 2017!

#austriagiro17 – Etappenbeschreibung

Road bike

#austriagiro18_day 1

Bregenz, Vorarlberg, Austria

Day 1 Bregenz – Sölden across Bieler Höhe, 218 km, 2.900 m altitude

Starting point is the Bregenz festival centre directly at the Seebühne. Then we head through the Rhine valley towards Bludenz, where the Montafon Valley awaits. Steadily uphill, we reach Partenen, where the ascent to the Bielerhöhe begins: 1000 metres in altitude in the direction of the Silvretta reservoir. At the top we enjoy the view of the many 3000s .... more

Road bike


Solden, Tyrol, Austria

Day 2 Sölden – Sillian across Timmelsjoch and Jaufenpass, 191 km, 3.600 m altitude

After the first night of regeneration, we start the day by climbing the Timmelsjoch for breakfast from the North Tyrolean side. Even if it will be chilly in the early morning, we are going to sweat. The descent to St. Leonhard in Passeier requires a skillful cycle technique for the numerous curves ahead before the road winds uphill again ... more

Road bike


Sillian, Tyrol, Austria

Day 3 Sillian – Radstadt across Iselsberg and Grossglockner, 178 km, 3.300 m altitude

Going from Sillian to Lienz early in the morning usually means a ride with tailwind. The first hour will pass in a hurry and we will reach the Iselsberg faster than anticipated. This "appetizer" takes us to another highlight of the tour: the Grossglockner Hochalpenstrasse ... more

Road bike


Radstadt, Salzburg, Austria

Day 4 Radstadt – Kirchdorf upon Krems across Obertauern, Sölkpass und Phyrnpass, 208 km, 3.000 m altitude

Warming up towards Untertauern, we climb up from Radstadt to Obertauern, Salzburg's quintessential ski resort. We can relax a little on the descent to Tamsweg, also along the river Mur down to Tratten and Schöder. Here the ascent to the Sölkpass begins ... more

Road bike


Micheldorf in Oberösterreich, Upper Austria, Austria

Day 5 Kirchdorf upon Krems – Maria Taferl across Koblbergpass 196 km, 1.900 m altitude

On Day 5, we take on the scenic Mühlviertel. Even with the highest mountains behind us, we will soon realize that the hilly Mühlviertel also proves quite challenging. Coming from Kirchdorf upon Krems, we first pass Kremsmünster and Bad Hall, via Ansfelden in the direction of Linz. Then we will continue to Enns, Austria's oldest city ... more  

Road bike


Maria Taferl, Lower Austria, Austria

Day 6 Maria Taferl – Kirchberg am Wechsel across Pfaffensattel and Feistritzsattel 202 km, 3.900 m altitude

On the way from Maria Taferl to St. Pölten we cross the Danube again. Then we enter the Traisen Valley – Lower Austria's pre-alpine contryside. Time for a few cultural facts. Lilienfeld, for example, is considered the cradle of Austrian ski sports. Matthias Zdarsky (born 1940), who was based there, was a pioneer of Alpine skiing ... more

Road bike


Altendorf, Lower Austria, Austria

Day 7 Kirchberg am Wechsel – Eisenstadt across the Geschriebenstein 154 km, 2.000 m altitude

After breakfast, we go up to St. Corona, where we can take another look at the Schneeberg behind us. The highest point of the day is reached there, however our goal still lies ahead of us: the highest pass of Burgenland ...  more

Road bike


Eisenstadt, Burgenland, Austria

Tag 8 Eisenstadt – Vienna up the Kahlenberg 84 km, 900 m altitude

Today we conquer Vienna on the road bike. Depending on our physical condition, we have two route choices to Kahlenberg, which is known as the highest point in Vienna. We'll either take the shortest way through the Viennese urban area and take in some sights ... more

Take part in the Austria Giro 2017!

Register here:  Austria Giro 2017

You can contact Cristian Gemmato via his Bikemap profile
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