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10 of the best mountainbike routes in Europe

10 of the best mountainbike routes in Europe

A mountainbiker who competes in cycling events across Europe, Stefano De Marchi from Venice shares his adventures.

Just you and your bike and the great outdoors

Unmissable trails

A mountainbiker who competes in cycling events across Europe, Stefano De Marchi from Venice shares his adventures on his popular blog.

Stefano uses Bikemap to plan and illustrate his rides, and takes wonderful photographs that make any cyclist want to grab life by the handlebars. We asked the athletic Italian for his favorite mountainbike routes in central Europe - and they do not disappoint!

Just you and your bike and the great outdoors. Mud, sweat and tears. A city dweller's dream.

And now, in his own pictures and words: 

Stefano's top 10 mountainbike routes in Europe


Venezia - Coast and Lagoon

This is the perfect tour to relax after sightseeing in Venice, as it offers a wild nature experience and includes a curious trip ... by boat!

Lake Garda - Three Lakes Tour

One of the most beautiful rides in Riva del Garda leads past the lakes of Garda, Ledro and Tenno taking in the scenic Ponale route and the tough Bocca di Trat downhill trail.

Monte Grappa - Cima Grappa

Monte Grappa is famous for its rocky paths and the infinite descents along military roads from the First World War. Following trails no. 20 and 36, you will enjoy the longest, funniest and most epic downhill ride!

Asiago highlands - The Stone City of Monte Fior

Nature at its best! In the Asiago Plateau, time and weather have modified the landscape and shaped the rock, creating the incredible mountain range of Monte Fior.

Austria - Hahnenkamm

During the summer the Kitzbuehel ski resort turns into a biker's paradise where you can ride along the historic Streif track, climb the steep "Mausefalle" slope and end your ride with the demanding Fleckalm trail.

Dolomites - Tofane Tour

This classic route in the Dolomites on mountain trails with stunning views starts from one of the most famous city in the Alps - Cortina d'Ampezzo - and features its most majestic mountains: the Tofane.

Dolomites - Cadini di Misurina / Lavaredo Supertrail

At the foot of the legendary Three Peaks of Lavaredo, part of the Cadini mountain range, this short but intense mountain tour includes one of the greatest trails of the Dolomites: the Lavaredo Supertrail.

Friuli - Coast of Trieste

Cycle the region where Latin, German and Slavic cultures merge together! The road to Italy’s northeastern city, Trieste, passes through a narrow strip of land between the rocks of Carso plateau and the blue of the Adriatic sea. 


Wine Hills - The Tavern Without Host

In the heart of the Prosecco region, with its countryside idyll and scenic vineyards, lies a typical tavern where time stands still. So have a glass of wine and relax!

Switzerland - Swiss National Park

The 444 route in the Swiss National Park encounters some of the best vistas of the Alps in two countries and even passes through areas of real wilderness.

Ride these routes!

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