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Cycling in Tyrol

Cycling in  Tyrol

Discover all cycling routes and bike maps in and around Tyrol

Tyrol by bike

Peak performance

Are you prepared to push your limits in the high Alps? Majestic mountain peaks characterize the landscape and the spirit of the Austrian province Tyrol, and its most stunning cycle routes are full of steep climbs and descents. For a seriously beautiful challenge, don't miss out on the unique panorama of the high Alpine passes and routes we've compiled for you. 

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All routes in Tyrol

Cycle routes in the Tyrolean Alps

Cycling routes in Silvretta High Alpine Road

Silvretta High Alpine Road

Rally road and reservoir

The Silvretta High Alpine Road takes you from the Tyrolean Paznaun valley to the Montafon valley in . The scenic 25 kilometer (15.5 miles) long road connecting the two Austrian provinces is a hot spot for both cyclists and motorists. Several bicycle races and rallies are regularly held here with great popularity. At 2032 meters (6667 ft), the highest point of the High Alpine Road, you’ll come across the Silvretta reservoir, which lies directly on the border of Tyrol and Vorarlberg.

Cycling routes in Kitzbüheler Horn

Kitzbüheler Horn

22 % gradient challenge

At the top of Kitzbüheler Horn stands a 102 meter high TV transmission tower. After 9 kilometers (5.6 miles) of climbing from Höglern, most cyclists are content to reach the so-called Alpenhaus at 1670 meters (5479 ft) above sea level. But only the most courageous of riders will attempt to tackle the remaining 300 meters (984 ft) to the summit, where a narrow path with a climb of 22% awaits. A spirit-breaking challenge!

Cycling routes in Timmelsjoch


Off to Italy

Timmelsjoch pass lies on the border between Austria and its southern neighbor Italy. Built in the 1950s, its northern approach awaits athletic cyclists with one of the highest continuous ascents in the Alps. The Timmelsjoch climb is considered a particularly challenging stretch of the annual Ötztal cycle marathon. It is the last of many mountains the hobby riders must conquer to complete the race.  

Cycling routes in Kühtai Saddle

Kühtai Saddle

Alpine pass of the north

Besides Hahntennjoch, Kühtai Saddle is the northernmost Alpine pass and reaches an elevation of 2017 meters (6617 ft). Among cyclists it is known as simply Kühtai. With its continuous 16% gradient climbs and its long straight stretches, the route presents an exceptional challenge for ambitious riders. Breakneck speeds above 90 km/h (55 mph) have been reached by experienced cyclists on their descents.

Cycling routes in Ötztal Glacier Road

Ötztal Glacier Road

Cycling at elevation 2800 m (9186 ft)

Starting off strong at a 13% gradient from the ski resort of Sölden, the Ötztal Glacier Road is a place of superlatives. Along the route, you’ll come across the Rosi-Mittermaier-Tunnel, the highest tunnel in Europe. The highest paved road in the Alps is also found here, at 2830 meters (9285 ft). This is a special challenge destination for many road bikers and a worthy finale after several tours through the Tyrolean Alps.

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