Cycling in Lower Austria - top bike routes
Cycling in Lower Austria

Cycling in  Lower Austria

Discover all cycling routes and bike maps in and around Lower Austria

Lower Austria by bike

From Wachau to the Alps

The regions of Lower Austria are as diverse and colorful as their names: Wiener Alpen (Vienna Alps), Bucklige Welt (hilly world), Schneeberg (snowy mountain), Donauauen (Danube meadows). Plenty of rivers, national parks and castles are waiting to be discovered on two wheels. Moreover, the region offers cultural highlights such as summer theaters or open-air museums. There is something for everyone here, and all within easy reach of the capital city of Vienna.

All routes in Lower Austria

Popular bike routes and spots in Lower Austria

Cycling routes in Krems to Vienna

Krems to Vienna

All rivers lead to the city

The most charming detour between Krems with Vienna is the Kamp-Thaya-March cycle path. Following the run of the three rivers Kamp, Thaya and March, cyclists are taken from the hilly Waldviertel (forest quarter) region to the scenic Weinviertel (wine quarter) and the flats of the Marchfeld area. If your legs get tired, simply board the Reblaus-Express – a quaint panoramic railway line which runs alongside the cycle path. It even offers traditional food and wines from the region. Of course you can bring your bike! 

Cycling routes in Danube Cycle Path

Danube Cycle Path

Water and wine

The Danube is the second longest river in Europe, spanning the continent from the Black Forest to the Black Sea. The breathtaking Danube Cycle Path directly follows its course. On its mostly flat stretch through Lower Austria, the route leads through meadow landscapes and vineyards and is very popular with families. Highlights in scenic Wachau are the legendary castle ruins of Dürnstein and a visit to a traditional Heurigen restaurant and winery.

Cycling routes in Thermal Baths Cycle Path

Thermal Baths Cycle Path

Sun and fun

The long-distance cycle route EuroVelo 9, which spans the continent from the Baltic Sea to the Adriatic Sea, passes through Lower Austria. The so-called “Thermenradweg” (Thermal Baths Cycle Path) takes cyclists all the way from the south of Vienna to the Styrian border. Pleasantly flat and within easy reach of thermal baths and the sunny vineyards, the 100 kilometers (62 miles) long route presents an easy ride for cyclists of all levels.

Cycling routes in Triesting-Gölsental Cycle Path

Triesting-Gölsental Cycle Path

Off the beaten path

The Triesting-Gölsental (or Triestingau) cycle path runs parallel to the Thermal baths cycle route. In relative seclusion, it leads through the impressive natural scenery of southern Lower Austria. The 30 kilometers (19 miles) long paved route begins at Lanzendorf and takes you to the town of Schönau an der Triesting. The idyllic landscape is nicely off the beaten path but well situated for excursions to the surrounding wineries. 

Cycling routes in Traisental Cycle Path

Traisental Cycle Path

Bike pilgrimage to Mariazell

The Traisental cycle path covers a distance of 111 kilometers (69 miles) from Traismauer via St. Pölten to the picturesque pilgrimage town of Mariazell in Styria. Also known as the pilgrim's cycle path, it starts at the Danube river and gently ascends on its way to the higher elevation of the Mostviertel Alpine region. Tip: If you are looking for a more comfortable ride, simply start in Mariazell and reverse the route!

Cycling routes in Piestingtal Cycle Path

Piestingtal Cycle Path

History and artists

Biking through beautiful Piesting valley you'll find the villa of poet Ferdinand Raimund, the birth place of painter Leopold Kupelwieser and the Biedermeier path, which offers interesting glimpses into the mood and trends of the formative historical period of 1815 to 1848. Starting at Markt Piesting just South of Vienna, the route leads west to the town of Gutenstein. Its idyllic riverside stretches and dense forest paths are ideal for a pleasurable bike tour.

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