Cycling in Hamburg - top bike routes
Cycling in Hamburg

Cycling in  Hamburg

Discover all cycling routes and bike maps in and around Hamburg

Hamburg by bike

With the Elbe and Alster rivers, its famous harbor and the nearby North Sea coast, Hamburg and water simply belong together. There are many appealing cycle routes which will take you along the river banks. Over 1700 kilometers (1000 miles) of bike infrastructure in the surrounding flats make the hanseatic German city a prime destination for cyclists.

All routes in Hamburg

Top cycle routes and spots in Hamburg

Cycling routes in The Second Green Ring

The Second Green Ring

Bike around the city

Everyone knows about Hamburg’s wealth of water and bridges. A lesser known fact is its large number of grassed areas and parks. The cycle path along the Second Green Ring connects these natural areas in a ring around the city. Beginning in Jenischpark, the route takes in such highlights as Altonaer Volkspark, the Niendorfer Gehege preservation area, Farmsen horse race track, Harburger Stadtpark and Rüschpark.

Cycling routes in Elbe Cycle Route

Elbe Cycle Route

Under the river

The River Elbe originates in the Czech Republic, but most of its course is on German ground. The highlight of the bike route is the passage through the Hanseatic city of Hamburg, its harbor, its warehouse district Speicherstadt, the jetties and the notoriously famous neighborhood of St. Pauli. The old "Elbtunnel" crosses under the river and is used by cyclists and pedestrians alike. From here, a distance of only 100 kilometers (62 miles) takes you to the coastal town of Cuxhaven, where the Elbe flows into the North Sea.

Cycling routes in Hamburg to Bremen

Hamburg to Bremen

Tale of two cities

150 kilometers (93 miles) lie between the two most prominent Hanseatic cities in Germany: Hamburg and Bremen. Both are worth a visit, both have a unique northern charm. The cycle route is part of the European long-distance cycle network and leads from Trondheim in Norway through the German cities of Flensburg, Hamburg, Bremen, Münster, Cologne and Aachen. Going south, it continues all the way to Santiago de Compostela in Spain, which is how it gets its name: PIlgrim’s route.

Cycling routes in Alster valley

Alster valley

Unspoilt nature within easy reach

From Poppenbüttel in the north of Hamburg you can easily ride your bike to an incredible unspoilt forest. Rodenbeker Quellental nature reserve has hidden corners and lonely paths to explore, and is connected by bike route to the protected areas of Duvenstedter Brook and Wohldorfer Wald. The last remaining primeval forest in Hamburg’s metropolitan area is simply wonderful!

Cycling routes in Old Elbe Tunnel

Old Elbe Tunnel

Views from below

The Old Elbe Tunnel is used by pedestrians and cyclists alike and crosses underneath the river. On the other side is the heart of the busy harbor, where you can hop board with your bike and go to faraway places. Alternatively, continue along the cycle path to Wilhelmsburg for an easy 3 kilometers (1.8 miles) for stunning city views.

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