Cycling in Andalusia - top bike routes
Cycling in Andalusia

Cycling in  Andalusia

Discover all cycling routes and bike maps in and around Andalusia

Andalusia by bike

Region of contrasts

Where else can you find ancient cities and deserts, amazing beaches and high mountains as close together as here?

Andalusia really is a region of extreme contrasts, and incredibly varied for cycling holidays. Challenge yourself in the Sierra Nevada mountains, visit stunning cities like Seville or Rondo and relax along the Costa del Sol.

Though the weather is warm and mild all year round, winters in this region are wetter than in the rest of , which means spring and summer are a real stunner, with wild flowers and lush green fields spilling onto the roads. And once you discover the rich Moorish heritage and regional Spanish specialties, you'll never want to leave at all.

All routes in Andalusia

Top bike routes and regions in Andalusia

Cycling routes in Seville


Seville lies at the heart of Andalusian culture and is famous for many things: flamenco, bullfighting, tapas – and lately, cycling! According to the Copenhagenize index, the southern Spanish city ranks as the 10th most bicycle-friendly city in the world – just before Barcelona – and that is thanks to a huge increase in segregated bike infrastructure over the recent years. 

More than 10 000 km (6214 miles) of cycle lanes have been constructed, and the public bike share system Sevici counts more than 250 cycle stations used by locals and tourists alike. You can hop in the saddle and ride to the magnificent Alcázar palace or the Giralda tower for a panoramic view.

Cycling routes in Sierra Nevada

Sierra Nevada

With a multitude of trails and cross country rides to choose from, the Sierra Nevada is a playground for any mountain biker. Sierra Nevada Bike Park alone features 4 downhill trails of more than 20 km (12 miles) in length.

Perhaps the most exciting tour in the Sierra Nevada mountains starts off as a deceitfully gentle climb from the city of Granada. If you are a road biker looking for a challenge, continue on for 40 km (25 miles) along Europe's highest road. The tarmac is exceptionally well-maintained until you surpass the elevation of the local ski resort, where road conditions worsen. The weather at this elevation can change suddenly and dramatically, so you've got your work cut out for you. Reaching Pico de Veleta (3394 meters / 11135 ft) is an unforgettable achievement!

Cycling routes in Ronda


"There is nothing that is more startling in Spain than this wild and mountainous city," said German poet Rainer Maria Rilke. American writers Ernest Hemingway and Orson Welles also wrote about Ronda's beauty and bullfighting traditions. It lies 100 km (62 miles) west of the city of Málaga at 750 m (2460 ft) above sea level.

The famous Puente Nuevo bridge is a marvelous feat of engineering. Built over a gorge, the views are truly breathtaking. 

To explore the natural surroundings by bike, head east to El Torcal National Park or south for Sierra de las Nieves Park.

Cycling routes in Huelva, Málaga, Granada, Cadiz

Huelva, Málaga, Granada, Cadiz

There is so much to see in Andalusia that any of these cities make a good starting place for your explorations by bike. For a helping of culture, see the stunning Alhambra at Granada, the carneval at Cadiz, and the Picasso museum in Málaga.

For a retreat in nature, head to Moret Park in Huelva, the largest urban park in Andalusia. It is known for its authentic natural space, old orchards, forest, and lake. Finally, make time to relax and ride on the Costa del Sol with its wide range of beaches.

Cycling routes in TransAndalus


TransAndalus is a circular long-distance cycle path taking in all eight provinces of Andalusia. The stages are designed for cyclists by cyclists, however the mountain bike trails are very demanding and therefore not suitable for everyone.

On a total distance of 2000 km (1243 miles), the diversity and beauty of this route is unparalleled. As the route is not uniformly signposted, the use of GPS maps is recommended. Riders can start the circuit at any point and include the cities or choose to stay in rural areas. Information about TransAndalus is not yet widely available, so the best place to start is the website of the same name.


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