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Come work with us!

Open positions at Bikemap


iOS Developer (German) 

Android Developer (German) 


You're the perfect fit for a job opening? Drop us a line at

Our culture

Working at Bikemap

We're a young and dynamic team, shaping a product that is enthusiastically used by its community of passionate cyclists.

At Bikemap everyone brings in new ideas and can influence the growth of our company. We're committed to try out new things and to keep on learning. Our team spirit drives our motivation for constant progress and regular after-works ;-) 

If you're hungry for new challenges and want to be part of a creative working environment, we should get to know you!



How do you organize tasks?

We coordinate the most important tasks in weekly meetings and otherwise use GitHub milestones and issues. 

How is the back-end constructed?

Django is used for our backend.

How does the deployment look like?

We use Fabric for server deployment.