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vor 6 Jahren hochgeladen


21 Routen
1.503 km Gesamtdistanz
6.037 m Gesamtaufstieg
6.450 m Gesamtabstieg
The Italian Holiday 2016, roughly 1800 km, worked out according to planning. All daily tours have been prepared in advance on and apart from some minor changes we were following the individually created routes. Cycling conditions differ from north to south. As there are down to Rome some good cycle paths, further south they ceased to exist. Even so there are superb sections, on quiet roads, as for example along the coast from Palinuro to Scalea. But you have to accept to ride now and then on main roads with moderate traffic. In summary a very good holiday with beautiful cycle conditions, perfect weather and friendly people. The ending in Vibo Marina was due to the timetable. I simply run out of time to complete the final km to Sicily