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vor 5 Jahren hochgeladen


17 Routen
1.389 km Gesamtdistanz
3.065 m Gesamtaufstieg
3.544 m Gesamtabstieg
This interesting cycle tour, starting in mountainous regions, and ending in lagoon of Venice makes cycling very enjoyable. We mostly followed different cycle parts such as “DRAURADWEG”, “BAHNTRASSENWEG”, BI12 / BI14 / and other regional Bike paths and finally “sinistra/destra Po”. Altogether about 1450 km very good cycling mainly on superb and good build tracks. Sometimes we were faced with less enjoyable conditions especially around Turin. The Project VENTO is ongoing, however not finished; you should not always take the “planned Track” for granted. Exceptional good: BAHNTRASSENWEG around Cortina, Cycling around Milan (Canal), Lagoon of Venice (including Pellestrina and Lido) and different sections on Bi11 /Bi12 cycle paths. In summery enjoyable riding through beautiful and changing environment and as well Cities Centers with rich heritage. Highly recommendable Tour!