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St Margarets Way-South Queensferry to Burntisland

20 km Distanz
165 m Aufstieg
170 m Abstieg

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Crossing the road bridge, hundreds of feet above the Firth on a special bike/walkway, the Way descends into North Queensferry where, directly underneath the famous railway bridge, it joins Fife Coastal Path. This path hugs the coast dominated by great bluffs of magma, reminders of Scotland’s volcanic past, to Dalgety Bay. Great views looking back at the famous Forth bridges.

Keeping to the signposted Fife Coastal Path and National Bike Route, the Way continues along quiet roads and forest paths and the famous island of Inchcolm comes into sight. Then past St Bridget’s church, along into the pretty fishing village of Aberdour, dominated by its castle, and down to the harbour. Then along the Fife Coastal Path round bays and along woodland tracts to the busy town of BurntIsland. Flat and easy going. Plenty of shops and pubs and information notices along the way.


This is the 2nd section of St Margaret’s Way, the great 100km pilgrimage trail from Edinburgh to St Andrews, part of the revival of the 1000 year old pilgrimage, The Way of St Andrews. (