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Mark and Petes big adventure

71 km Distanz
240 m Aufstieg
250 m Abstieg

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The course starts at Marks house on the Taralla Creek track and follows that to the Dandenong Creek Trail in Bayswater.

Follow that until you link up with Eastlink trail. From here its all on the Eastlink until Dandenong where you will link up with the Dandenong Creek trail again at the Dandenong Southern  bypass.

Here is about where it turns to a gravel track only just suitable for road bikes.

We only got to the Carrum water sports area as the wind was howling and we thought we were lost due to the gravel trail we were on.

40 k's out and 42 back via the same track until a detour thru Jells Park for a coffee and then linking with the Blind Creek trail at George Street. Follow that to the Belgrave Rail trail and return to Bayswater Station and rejoin the Taralla Creek trail. 82 klm's there and back via the bike computer.


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