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Palovuori Trails v2

35 km Distanz
236 m Aufstieg
235 m Abstieg

(2 Bewertungen)

Vanha Tampere road turning "Hiisin" the road and then passing edge of the field.

"Hiisintie" to the field and field corners turn into the woods towards the ridge, which monitors the forwarder's trace, this part of the trail is in poor condition to ride a bike, but walking alongside the successful :), approx. 300m after the ridge can be found in the path

The ridge can be found in the trails and brings the path that makes the circle almost want to shave my opinion, counter-clockwise as it southerly path is part of a rocky in some places, but in no way too difficult.

"Väänteläntie" a boom that can be easily overcome. As long as the house is not close to the people to interfere.

Metsälaurila road route tangential to the yard near the house so do not interfere! OR maybe is better idea use Vessuon road. There is no so near local house :)

This GPX track is constructed of three GPX data, so for that amount of kilometer, you should not take too seriously.