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Hamilton ITT

23 km Distanz
160 m Aufstieg
140 m Abstieg

(1 Bewertung)
The start ramp for the Hamilton Individual Time Trial is traditionally placed on Harbour Road, the northern ocean road headed west from Hamilton. After 7.8 kilometers the first time split is drawn in front of the famous Gibbs Hill Lighthouse, one of the world’s oldest cast-iron lighthouses. This time split will give the first indication of the pace and chances of the riders.   After ten kilometers the route crosses the four hundred meters wide island and continues along the South Road in eastern direction. Along South Shore Park and Angle Beach the time trial specialists will have to keep giving it their all in order to put down a decent split time at the second and final intermediate clock, near Paget Marsh after 18,5 kilometers. From here it’s north and then west into the city of Hamilton, capital of Bermuda, along Reid Street. The final kilometer contains the final two obstacles, two right-hand corners onto Church Street, where the finish line is drawn in front of the Cathedral of the Most Holy Trinity.


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