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Tour of Inshriach 1

29 km Distanz
470 m Aufstieg
470 m Abstieg

(3 Bewertungen)

Start at the Memorial Gardens in Kingussie. Take the B970 towards Insh passing Ruthven Barracks. At tag1 Tromie Bridge turn right onto a dirt road. After app.200yds. turn sharp left uphill to Drumguish. Turn right at the tarmac road and follow this road/track through 2 gates into the forest. Follow the forest road uphill and when the gradient flattens out look out for a track crossing the road at tag2. Turn left onto this twin track which soon becomes singletrack and can be boggy in a couple of places after rain. At tag3 a sharp right turn takes you uphill. Follow this track which can be be quite tough going but is rideable all the way if you have the legs. It eventually arrives at a little used forest road (tag4). Turn left downhill and just before the road surface changes look out for the start of singletrack on the left (tag5). This is easy to miss so look carefully. Follow this downhill, technical at first, fast and flowing lower down (this section of ST is known locally as The Tunnel). Cross the forest road and follow the ST to the end (tag6). Through the gate turn right. This is part of the Badenoch Way. Look out for a sharp right turn at tag7. Follow this ST up to the forest road and turn left. After a short distance turn right (tag8) on another FR. Go uphill for a few hundred yards and turn left onto ST (tag9) signed Badenoch Way. Follow this to the end and turn right (tag10). Follow this solid track around and uphill to Farrletter Crag with great views. The first viewpoint at a large boulder overlooks Loch Insh. Further round a second viewpoint overlooks Uath Lochans. Take care on this section as you are close to the cliff edge. This area is also popular with walkers. After admiring the views carry on and turn left at the junction (tag11). Go downhill for a short distance and take the first track on the right (tag12). Follow this track to the end but take it easy as this section is used by walkers and there are a few blind bends. At the end (tag13) turn right on the FR. Follow this (pass the first FR on the left) and take the second FR on the left (tag14). Follow this all the way to the top of Creag Dhubh (445m.) You will recognise the upper part of this road as you came down it earlier (tags4 to 5). At the summit (tag15) follow the ST taking the right hand fork. When you reach the fence turn right (this ST is known locally as The Rollercoaster). Follow this track crossing the ST that you came up earlier . Just when you think it's petering out it takes a sharp left downhill. At the bottom turn right and continue over the FR arriving eventually at Inveruglas (tag16). Turn left here onto The Badenoch Way. This takes you back to Drumguish where you rejoin your outward route back to Kingussie.